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I am going to be making videos on a daily basis over the next 8 months. Trying to keep track of those videos for views will probably be kinda difficult…until now! You can now checkout the following map to see what videos I have posted and what general area the video was shot at. I hope this makes it easier for everyone to follow.

Oh and thanks again for everyone who has been clicking on my donate button to the right to support me on this journey.

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  • tretnine

    Nice man, from the zoomed out map I thought for sure you stopped in Rochester, MN – not too far from where I was born and raised. Just over to the west is a little town called Mankato, and close to that is New Ulm, I went all the way there from central VA and back again through Duluth and the UP. Cool to see that other bikers are headed through there, it’s a great spot to go.

  • ricardo

    nomas que vivo”me salioo”

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