“You Will Soon Find New Adventure In Life”

This happened about a month ago, before I sprang the news about my trip to my colleges at work.

We were out at lunch and spent the the one hour of our day away from the computer…talking about computers. We had a fortune cookie, and did the ritualistic opening. “Meh..” and “Mine sucks.” were uttered under their breath, and then I saw mine. “You will soon find new adventure in life” and tried holding back an inordinate grin. I played it off, saying to the others that this must refer to my girlfriend’s mother coming into town this weekend, the first time we will meet. But I wasn’t grinning about that at all. I was imagining my upcoming trip to Central and South America. Out on the road for 8 months.

I’ve been unable to share this on my blog since my co-workers know about it, and I wasn’t sure how secure my position would be if they knew I was quiting four or five months from whenever. So I’ve been hiding my traveling prospects all this time, but now that I’ve given my notice I can talk about it.

I’m really excited about the journey. Tomorrow is my last day at work. No more schedules to keep or responsibilities. In fact my scheduled departure date of August 16th will probably be pushed back a few days. It’s artificial and I’m in no hurry.

  • http://www.AFewMoreMiles.com Ben


  • Jim Howard (‘JimNtexas’)

    Have a safe trip!

  • http://www.clintweldon.com MadMax

    Just out of curiosity, what happens with your apartment/bills/stuff etc. while you’re away on this adventure?

    I’ve often thought about doing what you’re doing but then I wonder how I’d be able to walk away from all my stuff/responsibilities for such a long time. Was wondering if you had any thoughts on that.


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