XCountry VLog Series: Day 2 – Minnesota

Driving through Minnesota towards Winnipeg. Discussing the idea of “expressway friends.” Later on the car I was tailing pulls off and I follow them into a rest stop and chit chat. Riders here seem to snuff my waves. Talking about various ways that I keep myself comfortable while touring. I run into some rain and have to stop.

XCountry Trip: Day 2 – Minnesota

  • Kami

    Just an FYI, some riders hate people that wave. My dad for example actually gets pissed off when people wave at him just cuz he is on a bike. He claims that the commonality of the vehicle doesn’t obligate him to be friendly. He doesn’t wave at people in trucks when he drives, why should he wave at bikers =P And lately, the people that wave are the ‘weekend warrior’ types (those folks at dress up in leather and go on stupid bike runs just to show off).

    btw, nice ‘la la la la la’ there.

  • Atlas

    I can see his aversion to towards the “weekend warrior” types. I don’t think you have to wave all the time, but I think it’s polite to at least return a wave if it is safe to do so. It’s part of the culture.

    Oh and that “la la” was from a Jim Gaffigan skid that was stuck in my head. =P

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