Worldwide Motorcycle Travel Preparation

My head spins when I try and comprehend all that goes into preparing for a trip around the world by motorcycle. There are so many facets like, picking the right bike, clothing, camping gear, health considerations, navigation, documenting the trip and then there’s the elusive art of border crossings. It’s very intimidating for me, but I try to keep insisting that all the problems are not outside my ability to solve.

I’m setting my launch date as June 6th, 2010. My birthday next summer. It’s a year and a half away and I feel like it’s crunch time already. I need to start learning Spanish, getting some plan in place, doing more research and of course saving money.

I’ll be riding with camera in hand and sharing my travels with everyone, but I would like to document my trip planning procedure over the next year. For two reasons: 1) To hear feedback from those who may know better and 2) to give others an opportunity to see what entails such a trip and how to go about doing it yourself. 3) If traveling through Europe make sure you’re insurer has European break down cover so as to avoid any further expense to your trip.

To the right you’ll see me in my “planning pose”. Pondering such questions like, “Should I use knobbies or sport touring tires?” and “What medical shots do I need to get before I leave?” has a wealth of knowledge on how to plan for your own adventure. They have a great forum to ask all the questions you want too. Just try not to ask the obvious ones that get repeated and can be easily answered after googling around. The Adventure Motorcycling Handbook is an essential guide that touches on a lot of topics you may never had considered before.

In my next post I’ll start mapping out the route I will be taking. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay tuned!

  • rkrayton2000

    hey Atlas it looks like you are doing well on your planning my only suggestion is you might want to pick up a little Portuguese for south america especially if you ride through Brazil and Columbia

  • AtlasRider


    I’ll pickup phrases for Portugese when I need them, but I’m not going to make an effort to master the language. Seems like I’ll need Spanish more.

  • rkrayton2000

    Basic phrases is all you will need. Good luck!!!

  • rumbo75

    Basic phrases are a start but you probably won´t understand the reply. Real world accents are not the same as a cd language course.

  • Wild One Tours

    I travel a lot in Europe with many different languages or accents of the same language. I’m OK with French but otherwise get by by learning numbers, how to say ‘I don’t speak…your language, yes and no. I learn how to pick up on directions by learning how to identify words such as left, right and staight ahead. Body language and gesturing speaks volumes. Check out for pocket phrasebooks designed for touring motorists. Accept before you go that lengthy travel on your own with limited verbal communication can be lonely time but there are a lot of good natured people who will pick up on this and go out of their way to cheer you.
    Drop us an email sometime.

  • snowpony

    Oh I am glad I found your site. I am also planning this trip, well, have been reasearching it on and off for about 4 years. However have finally committed myself to leaving summer 2010 as well, perhaps we will see eachother on the road. I look forward to seeing what your research and planning comes up with. I am going to be on my yamaha xt 225 (yea i know, just a wee lil thing, but she’s pretty tough!) Best of luck to you!


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