Why I Record My Rides

One video of many while traveling through Mexico in May of 2008. Talking about a book I’m reading by Ted Simon called Jupiter’s Travels. He describes certain experiences that I have had as well. Why do I make these videos? Playing with the notion of a “motorcycle touring brotherhood.”

  • zypp33

    There are so many different types of riders in the U.K. now ,there is still an unspoken recognition by some,depends where you are! When I started absolutely every biker let on and if you had stopped other bikers would always stop to check . Nothing can match the feeling of being on a bike and the completion of great trip! Look forward to seeing more of your vids.P.S. is T.S’s next book :Jupiter Rides Again ?

  • http://www.atlasrider.com Atlas


    Ted Simon’s latest book is called “Dreaming of Jupiter”. Another great read. I recommend it.

  • zypp33

    Thanks,I’ll try it .

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