Why Every Motorcyclist Should Carry a Multi-Tool

Space is always an issue for us when packing tools. After all these years I was surprised that I never bothered to carry some kind of multi-tool with me. Atlas Girl was bright enough to realize this and bought me a Leatherman Core multi-tool. I have found a way to use all of these tools so far. Here are all the tools along with an example of how they have been useful to me.

  1. 420HC Clip Point Knife with Straight Edge: All around general use knife.
  2. 420HC Sheepsfoot Serrated Knife: Good for sawing through those zip ties that I used to accomplish some half-assed tie down or mounting 😛
  3. Needlenose Pliers: Nice for bending back the cotter pin after adjusting the chain tension on the rear wheel.
  4. Regular Pliers: Used for those bolts that I didn’t have the right size wrench for.
  5. Wire cutters: Helpful when I was cleaning up some electrical connections.
  6. Hard-wire cutters: See above
  7. Stranded-wire cutters: See above
  8. Wire Stripper: See above
  9. Electrical Crimper: See above
  10. 5/16″ Screwdriver: Good for most screws and providing some leverage when needed
  11. 7/32″ Screwdriver: See above
  12. 1/8″ Screwdriver: See above
  13. Phillips Screwdriver: Great for tightening down the bolts on the battery terminals
  14. Wood/Metal File: Helped clean up the battery terminals from corrosion that has built up.
  15. Saw: Handy camping tool for cutting into large branches so I could snap them more easily
  16. Bottle Opener: For the beer after a long day of riding.
  17. Can Opener: Haven’t use this but it will come in handy if I pack any canned goods for food.
  18. 9 in | 22 cm ruler: Good for measuring your chain tension
  19. Awl with Thread Loop: Combined with some strong paracord acts as a great grip on the rope.

The locking blades are strong and I have no worries about the knife or saw coming loose. The 25 year warranty warrant inspires confidence that it will keep on working for years to come.

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