What’s On My Coffee Table

It takes a really good book to capture my complete attention and actually read it cover to cover before picking up another book. I’m a bit of a scatter brain. To make matters worse I bought a couple more distractions:

  • The Longest Ride by Emilio Scotto
  • One Man Caravan by Robert Edison Fulton, Jr.
  • Lois on the Loose by Lois Pryce

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I’m almost done with Dreaming of Jupiter. I have a lot to say about Ted Simon’s follow up to his legendary journey 25 years ago, so that will have to wait for another time. Then there’s Walden by Thoreau. I read it in college, and re-reading it here and there. Henry didn’t care much for possessions, but I can’t help think he’d fall in love with a Triumph Scrambler.

I’m 20 pages into Lois on the Loose and I’ve laughed out loud half a dozen times. It’s the story of a woman riding from Alaska to Argentina, what I’ll be doing some times from now. Naturally I’m interested in this particular story over others. Perhaps it will give me some insight into what I’ll be facing. Then again, each traveler’s journey can’t be open to comparison. There can hardly be a spoiler for that kind of unique experience.

So many inspiring stories. Amazement, jealousy and anxiousness builds up in me when I pour through their tales. They keep my eyes on prize and drive me crazy at the same time.

  • http://www.theoasisofmysoul.com beemerchef

    You know, I have to truly appologize… We are now in Wilcox and will be in Texas tomorrow night, will try to make it to Alpine… No excuses for not getting in touch sooner, besides a couple real funky days…
    Open invite to Big Bend… much land for you and will cook over a fire…
    Be well… Ara & Spirit

  • http://www.atlasrider.com Atlas


    Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you had your hands full with the big move. I appreciate the invite. I’m going to take you up on it on a long weekend sometime.

  • rick

    I have read Lois and Loose and enjoyed it a great deal. How you doing?

  • http://www.atlasrider.com Atlas


    Hey Rick. I cannot put down Lois’ book. It is freaking hilarious! I just got past the part where she got a wasp in her bra, lol. Good stuff.

    I’m doing good. How are you? Looks like you’ve been getting some good rides in lately.

  • rick

    The weather has been perfect lately and it has afforded me some very good road time.

  • http://MotoPhilosopher.blogspot.com Kano

    “Lois on the Loose” is at the top of my list. Sounds like a hoot! Can’t wait to get ahold of a copy. Just finished “Pilgrimage on a Steel Ride” by Gary Paulsen. This is the 2nd time I read that one.

  • brotherblonde

    Gday Atlas.
    If you want a really good “Motorcycle Laugh”, check out Twisting Throttle. He has a website of the same name, a New Zealander (no, not Zoolander) :-), his 1st book is his travels around Australia. He is just about to complete all the US states with book to follow.

    I have just bought
    Going the extra mile, and Against the wind by Ron Ayres,
    andeverything you need to know about motorcycle touring.
    Sorry for the long post.

  • http://www.atlasrider.com AtlasRider


    Going the Extra Mile and Against the Wind are great books. Against the Wind has some great anecdotes and insight into what really goes on in an IBA ralley, and Going the Extra Mile gives you great tips for extending your mileage and some general touring tips as well.

    Checking out TwistingThrottle.com right now. Thanks for the link!

  • casper366

    so funny, I’m reading jupiters fahrt(thats how its called in german) to.

  • dave

    I just finished “Lois on the Loose”, it is a great read – especially here in the cold,wet midwest!!

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