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I rounded up all the gear I think I will need for this trip. I actually fit it all into my two Pellican 1550 cases. More on how I pack everything into such small space later when I have more free time. I will be leaving Monday for Chicago. Once I get on the road I will have more time to reflect and slow things down and write some more here. Until then, I’ll be trying to get the rubber on the road and keep the shiny (or grimy in my KLR’s case) side up.

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  • http://www.AFewMoreMiles.com Ben

    Great video. You must be getting SUPER excited. I can’t wait to see you pack it all into the panniers. It might be like the old VW ads for fitting Wilt Chamberlain inside a VW beetle. I’m working on a new project that I thought you might find interesting. http://www.MotorcycleMexico.com. When is your departure date?

  • http://www.clintweldon.com MadMax

    Do you have duct tape in that kit? I don’t recall seeing it in the video. Don’t forget at least one roll of black, you WILL use it.

    Good luck!

  • Johnnydarock

    Bill: I know you didn’t talk about tools and bike maintenance stuff…but I’d bring a spare chain and at the very least a spare master link. You may also want to bring some JB Weld for plugging holes and a spare oil and fuel filter. You won’t need a water filter unless you plan on camping for several days away from all civilization. You can get bottled water everywhere on your trip. Don’t get me wrong…I love to camp but most bikers don’t bring camping gear on a journey like this as its easier to find a cheap hotel than a place to camp. I’d bring the sleeping bag along for emergencies. You’re leaving in the rainy season so you probably won’t break the tent out till…Bolivia. Long way to carry something you’ll use twice (unless you really want to camp). Yes..bring the duct tape.

    Take care, JP

  • bogfro

    Have you been using those metal hoseclamps for a long time (tool kit and tripod)? I’d be concerned about them breaking with the vibrations of the bike for weeks at a time. Maybe try something with more give, like rubber straps or bungees.

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  • http://www.stephensper.com Stephen

    Your kit is looking pretty good. I second the getting rid of the water filter and maybe some of your “off the bike” gear. I’ve found that I just throw on a pair of convertible pants and a riding t-shirt when I’m off the bike. Keeps things nice and simple, and I only have to bring 1 pair of pants/shorts and 3 shirts total. Also, you can find things like towels or rags on the road. I brought one personal towel (microfiber) and 1 shop towel that I keep in my tool kit. When that towel got too dirty after my first break down, I just asked for one at a garage. They were more than willing to help out with small things like that.

    I’m sending my first package of “stuff I haven’t used yet” back home next week. Looking forward to going through all of my gear and just getting rid of the things I don’t use and creating more free space on the bike. Believe me when I say that you want as MUCH free space as you can, as you won’t want to pack your bike up as well as you did while you were at home. Most times I put everything into its stuff sack, then toss it in my pannier or waterproof duffel bag.

  • Full_of_days

    Lots of gear! Are you going to sleep with your camera and other spendy electronic gear? 😛

  • boxrnr

    I’ve got no experience with anything like this but I don’t know about that tool tube location. It might take quite a beating there and maybe even be in danger of getting knocked off. VStrom folks mount theirs on the opposite side of the exhaust pipe up high in the back. You might look around for a better location. Just a thought. Have a blast!!

  • boxrnr

    Are you setting up a Spot tracker page so we can see your daily progress?

  • Brazilian_Ryder

    I want to wish all the best on your journey of discovery. You are living my dream!

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