Website Advertising on the Road

I ordered some decals from to help promote my website while I’m on the road. I got some “hardboard” from home depot and cut out a rectangle to fix the decals onto. My soft luggage wouldn’t be a good candidate to put decals onto, and this way I can use the board on other types of luggage that I may get in the future. After a quick coat of black spray paint tot he board, applying the decals, drilling holes into the board/bag and securing the board using zip ties I was done in 45 minutes. I’m pretty please with the results.

The board is secured to the back of my Cortech Sport Tail Bag which will be sitting on the passenger seat and facing behind me.

I tried making the font as large as I could for the fairly small space my bags leave me to work with.

The decals are reflective which provide additional visibility at night.

I will be curious to see if I get any hits from IP addresses whose location correspond to the areas I will be passing through on my Mexico Trip next week. If you saw me on the road, leave a comment and let me know :)

  • Maggie

    I didn’t see you but ummm I wasn’t there 😉

    Very cool idea!! Hope it brings in some viewers!

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