WBT-200 GPS Logger


I just got my GPS Logger. I want to track my trips with a hassle free device that I can set and forget about. So I took a little ride yesterday to test it out. It logs my position every 5 seconds which should make it last for about 18 hours until it is full. Here is an on ramp I usually go out of my way to take. The turn on the left is a little bumpy so I can’t go that fast, but I nailed the right ramp. I’m sure I can use this data for something interesting, but I’m not sure yet. It’s pretty cool playing around with it in Google Earth for now. My only complaint so far is towards the software to get the GPS log. It’s horribly translated and poorly designed. Some of the dialogs are amusing though, like this one.


  • Colin

    Too bad it doesn’t record how drunk you were when you decided “Hey, I don’t need to stay on the road…I’ll just go straight across this field…”