Video of Mexican Police Shaking Me Down

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  • matthewdavidLPCC

    I guess this is the sort of thing one would need some instruction about before leaving home. In the circumstances, being a greenhorn gringo, who could say they wouldn’t do just about what you did? And on your first day in Mexico! No doubt you’d handle it differently now, after a few weeks in Latin America.

  • David1la

    I have done a lot of riding in the US and Mexico but ihave to say when I get caught speeding here in the US I wished it was only 100.00 plus goes on my insurance to sounds like you did alright, this is if you were speeding.

  • Johnnydarock

    It’s all in your body language. If you give them the impression you did something wrong or are in a hurry…it’s going to cost you some money. This is the first time I ever heard someone paying the original asking amount…$100. I got pulled over on a recent trip in Mexico 7 times and only paid once…and it was only one tenth of the original asking amount…and that was only because I thought the guy could use a few beers that night. One cardinal rule is if you give him some form of identification that you need…it will cost you money to get it back. I always carry an old license that I can afford to never get back. I also always carry about $10 dollars in pesos in my pocket to make it look like that’s all the money I have and I was on my way to the bank. Never take out your money belt so he can see how much money you have. Also…if you don’t speak Spanish…take time to get your dictionary out and start trying to communicate in a very painfull way so they just want to get the hell away from you. Anyway…you live an learn. Your picture of the cop actually taking the money is priceless…that’s a keeper.

  • Paul White

    In the heat of an unusual situation, completely outside of your experience you have to think quickly. You did the best you could under the circumstances, so don’t beat yourself up over this. It is much easier to dissect your actions retrospectively, but that is when the pressure is off you.
    Best wishes, Paul

  • nikos

    I agree with Paul, you did the best thing especially as there is 1 of you and 3 of them!
    Take care, Nikos

  • bgorman

    It was 500 not 100

  • Arturo P. Elizondo

    Dear Alan, I am a Mexican and just saw your video published in a national news paper I will like to apologize for this inconvenience. This guys lack of a good education and it is a behaviorship that needs to be corrected here in Mexico.

    On behalf of many good Mexicans which we don´t share this conduct, receive our sincere apology.

  • roberto

    I’m not sure posting that video (about the extortion) was the best idea. This video is now calling the attention of big politics, is in every newspaper around Mexico, first page & I don’t want to alarm you, but I guess posting it after getting out of the country wold be better. Take care, we are living crazy days in Mexico, no were is safe.

  • daniel santillanes

    I’m sure that by now, you are aware that…
    You are all over the news buddy, nicely done!
    Please don’t get alarmed by all the comments you will get from today forth. Just take care of yourself, drive safely and ONLY DURING DAYTIME. You will still find many of these bastards on your trip.

    Cheers and Keep it up!

  • oscar

    I am really very angry and also with sorrow, seeing what happened to you. Never missing the bad cops. I had a experience in NY two years ago, and what saved me is that a patrol deputy approached the motorcyclist who stopped me and asked if everything was okay, at first I did not dare to say, I insisted, and told you just give 200 dls. for something that I had not done. I had to declare the county judge, was horrible to see their mates at the exit. my holiday was a bit scary. Thanks for your video…Take care and safe journey

  • Humberto

    Hi, Im a Mexican (Monterrey) and Im very sorry for this situation, as you already know this video became frontpage from the top newspapers in Mexico ( and and those police will get all the taste from this, BTW this page is great, keep up the good work with all your travel experiences.



  • El Senor

    Hello. I currently live in Cd. Juarez. I saw your video in I really hate what happened to you. I am also very glad you had the courage to film this incident. What you just did would be a great model to use here in my violent city so we can somehow encourage people to carry hidden cameras and do the exact same thing you did. I am happy that you had the balls to follow through and work things out with these idiots. I salute you once again for the great work you did!

  • Tokyotower

    Dude, you did great with the video, fortunately for you those dirty cops did not notice you were recording them, otherwise you wont be able to post it on the web, but thanks God you are OK, I am Mexican and a feel so sorry for this matter, but let me tell you something get out of Mexico asap, this is the most dangerous place in earth, I already did, now I am living so happy in Japan, so safe and no sounds of shootings on the streets, Mexico used to be nice about 10 yrs ago, but now is just Crap of corruption… Have fun and be careful those sh*ty cops are the opposite than in US, I love US why you have to go to Mexico?? but this is up to you, so enjoy and Godspeed OK SALUDOS!!

  • Texan

    Hi Bill, I really want to thank you for posting this video online. I am Mexican and was born in Coahuila, just a few hours from the place you were pulled over. Its small actions like this that will help us improve the country. Those police officers have been suspended and pretty sure they won’t be coming back to work. I must imagine that from now on, all of the officers will think about it twice before doing this. I was born here and lived here for a couple of years before moving to across the border and they do it to me too all the time. And there is no way they would ever confuse me for a US Citizen, so again thank you for the video. It will definitely help.

  • betodragon

    esta vien lo que estas aciendo para que sepan lo que son las autoridades en mexico son unas corruptas ratas de dos patas felicidades sige asi te saluda beto.

  • Trekker

    Hi Bill, I feel so embarrasing about the things that already think people around the world of my loving Country… Unfortunetely, this is the image that we reflect to the world… But, as a Mexican (and I am sure that you already thinking it) I can told you that here’s a lot of good people, who are very happy when turists visit our Country… So here’s another apologize and I hope that you keep visting Latin America… By the way, how fast it actually you travel when they stopped you?? Be honest man.

  • Osvaldo

    Hi, compadre, I´m from Monclova Coahuila, thats always happen with all the people that cross this way, our gobernator make a changes time before and he reduce that, If you have a situation like this, you have to ask the ticket or “multa” like he said, its more cheaper than the money that you spend like he said “you much”, example for speeding cost $480 pesos, if you pay in this next 10 day you will have a discount of 50%, like 20 USD, and if he doesnt want to make the ticket and if he wants money you only give him a few coins or 20 pesos(one dollar), kindest regards and have fun in México its awesome

  • Elisa Lozano

    I just saw the extorsion video in “El Norte” by internet, there is no excuse for police corruption. I´m glad you published the video and hope that the police be punished for it. Thank you for visiting our Country and have a very good time on your trip.

  • Alex

    Hi my friend… I just want to let you know that thanks to your video this bastards no longer work on the police…. CONGRATULATIONS and for you somehing we say in mexico… “QUE DIOS TE ACOMPAÑE” … “GOD BE WITH YOU ALL THE TIME”

  • lina

    I’m glad you upload this video. It’s now on mexican news, and why ? because thanks to you and people like you mexico can become a better country without this asshole arounf everywhere… so thanks and not the perfect way to handle it but really good fo being your first time lol

  • Zorro

    I am so embarrasing of this behavior, but it does not surprise me, I am from Mexico, actualy from Saltillo, about 155 miles from the place where those thieves stoped Nick.
    I am sorry as mexican, but what can I expect from my police if they are part of the crime and drug cartels.

    Shame on us for this police, what I know is that this officers where fired from the police, as this caused a lot of issues with the local authorities. good for the camera, thanks God these monkies do not know nothing about technology, jajaja.

    God bless you, and help us in Mexico with the thieves as cops.

  • Alejandro

    Johnnydarock is quite right. This was your first time, so you couldn´t help pay all the money. It´s too bad but true that this kind of things happen more times that we want to accept, but what you did uploading this video got this bad cops fired, at least.

  • Kidnapped in Mexico

    You were so lucky to get away with only paying $100, my husband was kidnapped in Sabinas by the Mexican police and everything he had was taken from him. They wanted to take the vehicle too. He was taken to the middle of nowhere handcuffed in an unmarked truck. They stripped the vehicle and all of his belongings from him. He stood strong and did not show fear so they thought he was part of the Mexican Mafia and were afraid to touch him. He figured they were going to kill him so he was prepared to go down fighting. Once they released him he thought they were going to shoot him in the back. He got away unharmed and when he reached the U.S. Border again he was treated like a criminal. They xrayed the vehicle and interrogated him again. Finally he was free to come home alive and well. You were very lucky to get away unharmed. We first saw your video on Periodico El Zocalo de Monclova. A lot of people applaud your brave efforts and I am glad that everyone is now able to see this video and that their actions did not go unpunished. You have made a difference in the beautiful state of Coahuila. Good Luck on your trips, be safe!

  • el lara

    dude…. i just saw your video in its a mexican page where people post things that are wrong….. it was a great video that one you made….. you got “chamaqueado” by those officers…. i’ve seen it happen…and american travelers are always seen has a “bribe opportunity” by those bad cops….. one time i was riding a bus back from Denver and there was this american lady on the bus…. she was on her way to Hermosillo….. about 100 miles south from the border with arizona…. and we were talking about trips, work, etc. so…. she didn’t had a passport to got into mexico… i mean… it’s rarely requested by mexican custom’s officers…… but… they still can do it…..
    so-.– when they requested her documents….she didn’t had any…. so they “charged” her $20 usd.
    she was upset and angry….. and when she asked me if she was wrong… i told her… what was all about, i mean, she wasn’t supposed to be allowed in mexico… cuz’ she didn’t had papers or any id….. so she understood…. that in that time she “overtrusted” her tourist situation…, and got too confident about it…… i’m sad to see those cops taking your money…. believe me… that kind of situations always make me mad….. please don’t think that all mexicans are the same….. is just that there are a lot of SOB’s around…… keep it up… and keep riding…..

  • Saltillense

    Alan, unfortunately you encountered those blood suckers almost at the beginning of your journey. I travel that road quite often and have been pulled over at the same spot several times. The only difference is that I speak the language and have worked my way out of it every time. It is embarrassing that those “officers” are robbers with uniforms.

    Just so you know, all three have been fired as of today.

    Definitely it takes some balls to get them in tape and expose them and obviously you do have them. Congratulations and enjoy your journey through Latin America.

  • Kal

    First of all my apologies for the inconvenient situation you went through (I am Mexican). I know that being an alien, and having language barriers can be tough. Nevertheless, that is the pitiful situation all around Latin America. Despite your advices in regards the way to handle such a situation, let me say that -to the eyes of corruption- your are an easy target. Traveling alone, motorcycle, with a handful of devices, I assume a nice ride, etc.

    I know that bribing this way is not that easy in the U.S., but there are other bunch of nasty practices going on there -like shooting Mexicans- that maybe your laws “grant you the right to do so”. Let me say that this is the local customs.

    Cheers for your trip, I think its awesome and have a great return to U.S.

  • Leo

    First of all Hi! my name is Leonardo or Leo for short, and I admire u for posting ur video about these pigs that we have here at the police in Mexico.
    I´m mexican as u noted, but I totally undestand tha situation that they put u through. I´ve been there myself a couple of times and u handled pretty well, but not perfect. In my opinion u didn´t have to give them anything, those bastards, but at least u expose them to all the country, and believeme they´re gona have some consecuences for their actions.
    Well take care man, have a good trip and be careful ´cause here in latin america there´s a lot of bad people, more than u can imagine.
    Drive safe

  • Tony

    I am writing to ask you first an apology on behalf of Mexicans especially in the state of Coahuila is very ridiculous that the successional you that day but it happens all over Mexico. I feel very bad, I ask you again if you happen not given anything for money and communicate with someone who knows Spanish. god bless the trip

  • Tony

    i’m from mexico

  • Fernman

    A wake up call for sure.
    Wake up call also for that whole country, big brother is everywhere and watching.
    I think you just made history, every time someone would report something like this it was blown off as if it had never happened, you just thought that whole country how to keep an eye out for corruption.

    be safe peace.

  • el filibustero

    heh Bill i just want to say thanks for taking these pibgs out og the mexican Highways and im glad you are ok and out of mexico, you did a great job and you were very brave, Honest mexican ppl says thanks to you since now im sure thay are a lil more safe…

  • royo

    hey i just whant to say sorry about this but ouy get lucky since he was talking by phone
    did you know any police yhat comunicate whit their cenral comand whit phone ??? NOOOO…? then whu you think he was talking with???
    they work with cartels here in mexico almost very cop did
    here we actualy have more fear about the cops than regular thefts

    good bless you and ride safe



  • asics

    May I just say nice to read a relief to search out anyone who essentially understands exactly what they may be sharing on the internet. You actually get experience to take a difficulty to light and make it vital. Even more people need to read it and understand it section of the story. I can’t believe you are not very popular as you essentially have the gift.

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