Video Mapping Debut

Now you can watch me ride and see where I am on Google Maps as the video is playing. You can jump forward in the video and the map will jump forward as well. This is my first test of this new feature so let me know what you think. I think this has a lot of potential for future rides, so now all I have to do is streamline the process to actually sync my GPS and video data and I can start pumping these out fairly often.

Future feature: Selecting an area on the map and jumping to that location in the video.

  • Carmi

    I am deeply impressed with this initiative. My mind’s racing vis-a-vis potential applications.

    Looking forward to seeing how you evolve this!

  • Atlas

    My mind is also racing as well. There isn’t enough hours in the day to work towards my goals. Stay tuned for more developments! :)

  • cfarmer8

    WOW! I would love to do this. thanks for your videos

  • AtlasRider

    I’m working on a way for others to do this for their own websites. Stay tuned.

  • starZship

    wow!!! truely cool!!!

    This would be useful for hikers, offroaders who make video blogs too.

  • Atlas

    Thanks. Yea I think this has some potential for many different applications.

  • jacksnipe

    Atlas –

    No idea where this goes, hope it gets to you.

    I first crossed the river at Ojinaga (going north) in ’59. We had brought two cars of cattle up from out north of San Diego to the railhead at Las Trancas. I was eight. Presidio wasn’t much, but it had a big dime store and that was cool.

    We had our own caboose car for the trip – about 40 hours each way. And we about filled it with stuff for the trip back.

    When I was fourteen and living in Saltillo – about a block from what was then the best hotel in town – I met a couple of old guys (in their 60’s) on motorcycles. One rode a R60 BMW, the other a Moto Guzzi. They had ridden from Providence, RI. I remember the fellow with the BMW pointing out the 75,000 miles on his odometer. When I asked them where they were going, they just said, “south.” I directed them to a saloon near the hotel and they bought me a beer. I never saw them again.

    For my 15th birthday, I bought a pretty good Moto Islo 200 and figured out riding. By the end of summer, I convinced a friend of mine to ride with me out south of Parras where we had a school chum living on a ranch – my first big moto adventure. It turned out to be a one-way – my electrics fried and we came home in a pickup with one bike in the bed and the other in a cattle trailer – but we got there okay.

    It is unfortunate that I caught the velocity virus and spent most of my bike time from age 15 until l I quit at age 30. Twenty years later, I bought and restored a dirt bike and got the bug to ride where there was either no pavement or pavement so crummy as to keep other vehicle traffic minimal and slow. This took me a lot of interesting places, as Texas has a lot of those roads.

    A couple of months back, I sold the dirt bike and bought a big thumper with lights. In the middle of putting it right, I found another one. Before long, I will have both in reliable, street legal condition – all because the adventure bug got into my blood. I’m 57 now, and I wish I had those racing years back for adventures. My body would be better off. I’ve become one of those old birds.

    One of the trips I really want to make is to Creel, CH. When I was little, the train was the way to go, but the country there is wonderful and I’m guessing they have all weather roads by now. That would have been a natural extension of your ride from Presidio/Ojinaga and I wonder if you made that one.

    Anyway, you get a chance, drop me a note. Until then, keep your horizon pretty much level.


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