Utah Trip Photos

  • zypp33

    Great pics! Amazing landscape& light…something we’re missing in the U.K. right now. Thanks for the trip!!

  • http://www.theoasisofmysoul.com Ara & Spirit

    OUTSTANDING!!! What memories! You have camped ans tood exactly where we have!!! Even Valley of the Gods… How about a dual posrt bike now? I am sure maybe you feel the need of it?…
    Thanks for the show…
    Be well… hope we see you down the road soon.
    Ara & Spirit

  • Bucky

    Great pictures. I have not been to the west for a dozen years, and never on the Ninja. I’d certainly like to get there again some day.

    Please give us descriptions on the locations pictured.

    The Aerostich suit looks fine in red. Matches the frame of the bike.

    What were the temperatures?
    Which tent do you carry?

  • http://www.atlasrider.com Atlas


    Thanks Bucky. I added some captions to the pictures.

    The Aerostich suit is awesome! This was one of the first times I used it on a longer trip. Worked out wonderfully.

    Temps dipped down to about 20 I’d say. I was cold around 5am one night. Overall my gear worked out well. Here is the sleeping bag I use:

    The North Face Cat’s Meow +20

    And the tent:

    Eureka Backcountry

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