Upcoming Trip to Utah

Thanksgiving is coming up next week. So that means I get a long weekend to take another trip somewhere. Around this time last year you saw me travel through LA, the Pacific Coastal Highway, Google, San Francisco, the Golden Gate, Death Valley, Vegas and the Hoover Dam. 2200 miles in 4.5 days! It was awesome, but too fast paced for me nowadays. So, I’ll be taking it easy and making my way through some of the most beautiful places in southern Utah. Here’s the plan:

Camp at Gooseneck State Park

Ride through the Valley of the Gods

Climb up the Moki Dugway

Check out the National Bridges Monument

Swing around to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and hop on a ferry to Hall’s Crossing in the morning.

Head over to Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Then I hit the expressways and hopefully make it home before midnight. A lot of people ask me how I have the time to take all these trips. This is how and why. Stay tuned for more trip reports!

  • http://chicagoconnie.blogspot.com Jeffry

    I jealously wait for the ride report with pictures and video. Being from Chicago, you know that I will get in little riding between now and March. But I will get some in nonetheless.

  • http://www.qwerf.com Sven

    I hate you.

  • zypp33

    looks amazing,so jealous of the space ,the U.K is so micro! The first jupiters travels book got me hooked,tho ive still not quite managed the trip his images planted in my mind . Look forward to seeing your pictures.

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