Twisty Roads, City Labyrinth and a Dog Bite

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10-05-2010 – Guanajuato, Mexico

I rode to Guanajuato, Mexico today from San Luis Potosi. I had been cooped up in Potosi, imersed in video editing and blogging. It was time for some “me time”. Guanajuato is a small historical city deep in the Sierra Madres. Two lane road cut into the cliffside led me to the city center. For the first time in 5,000 miles I actually had fun ridding that day. There were fast sweepers and little traffic.

Guanajuato 2008
Image courtesy of Hernán García Crespo on Flickr.

From above the city looked amazing. Colorful, and wildly sprawled over the hills and small valley. As I descended the novelty of this wore off very quickly. Even with detailed maps on my GPS I was unable to get my bearings and find the CouchSurfer that I had arranged to stay with. I ended up hiring a taxi and had him lead me to my destination. This was a trick I had picked up from Lois Pryce. The city wasn’t layed out in a grid-like structure that I was used to navigating. Instead there were a series of defined “zones” and within a zone there was a number for each habitation, however there appeared to be no ryhme or reason to the order of these numbers. In China they number the houses according to the time they were built.

After “arriving” I negotiated the labrinth in this zone. After 20 minutes I started asking people. I was given a series of contradicting advice from each person I asked. I wandered down a narrow walkway, and as I passed the doorway I felt a tug on my backpack, then heard the growling of a dog who was the responsible agent. Luckily he was tied up and I staggered out of his reach. Expressing my dismay, “Fuck this”, I left and decided to camp outside the city.

About 5 miles on the outskirts of the city I found an obscure place where I could ride my bike into some bushes. I hiked a little further to make camp and my first fire of the trip. It was good company. Despite the setback, it was a good day.

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  • cfarmer8

    Love your post, pictures, and videos keep them coming!

  • jlaulett

    Glad to see you’re still kicking after your expose of the Mexican police. Lois on the Loose, huh? Are you going to write a book when you get home? Do you even still have a place you call home? That’s the part that I would have trouble with. I’ve fantasized for so long about taking a footloose trip on the bike, but I can’t figure out how to do it and still have a home to come home to. If I could find a guy who’d be content to be there as base, well, then maybe. Not too many people are content to be left as an anchor, you know?

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