Travel Log Update and Future Aspiration

I updated my Travel Log on my Maps page. The new addition contains the stretch that starts in Phoenix, goes to Dallas and then dips down into Mexico. The web is growing, but I’m still not satisfied with it.
I’m reading “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer. A tale about an epic journey by Alexander Supertramp. The climax of his travel takes place in Alaska, a place I’ve been dreaming about for a while now. The story is incredibly inspiring for me and fuels my desire to get out on the road again. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to squeeze in a trip to Alaska in between my regular (boring) life, but I’m finding it impossible. The only way it will happen the way I want it to is to take a leave of absence from my job (if they let me) and take at least a month off. But then I think, why not just quit and keep riding until I go broke? I feel the need to shed all my unnecessary belongings now. I’m putting my car up on EBay this weekend.

Maybe I can save up enough to sustain myself on the road for six months. If I camp and cook my own meals, it is doable. In a perfect world, this site gains hundreds (thousands?) of readers and I blog from the road indefinitely with support from my audience to put gas in the tank to keep me going and share my life on the road with them. Wishful thinking, but it’s enough to keep me trying to provide fresh and interesting content.

What do you think of my content? What do you like or dislike? Is there anything you would like to see in the future?

  • Colin

    What’s with the big gap in the Southeast region? Slacker.
    I’ve thought about trying to get people to sponsor a trip, too. I’d like to make it into a photo/video/vlog production. Maybe we could combine our efforts.

  • Atlas

    Would like to go to the Florida keys so I’ll be passing through the southern states eventually. I don’t really know how to go about getting sponsorship, do you?

  • brotherblonde

    I have no specific requests, except…..just keep doing it! :-)

  • daniel

    i’d like to see you kill an animal for dinner.
    that, or maybe stalk one on your bike, like use your bike as some sort of sniper rifle and then slam on the gas and run over a rabbit’s neck or something.
    that sounds a little morbid, grotesque and inhumane but seriously, you’d shoot straight to the level of ted nugent, in terms of celebrity hunting ability.
    living on the road with the support of viewers would be a nonstop reality.
    kill a rabbit, bill.
    kill a rabbit.

  • kfallscody

    One ride I want to do is take Highway 1/101 from Mexico to Canada. You already did a large chunk of it, for which I am jealous. I am hoping to do the Oregon portion this year, if I can get time to do it.

    If you ever find yourself in the area, Crater Lake is a nice place to stop in late summer once all the snow melts. There are also a good number of VERY twisty roads that go across the coastal range here in Oregon. Is QUITE the ride to get to Oregon from Arizona but if you ever find yourself in the area…… :)

  • Atlas


    Will do :)


    In southern Texas a dove flew up from the side of the road and came about a half foot away from hitting me in the face. I had to lean out of the way before hand, which is not an easy to do quickly at 80MPH. That’s the closest to killing an animal. I may have run over a chipmunk on the Blue Ridge Parkway (Todd almost hit a goat) but I can’t be sure.

    I have been watching Bear Grylls lately, so I’ve probably picked up enough skills from that to learn how to skin and cook a rabbit, right?


    Oregon is a ways away, but when I go to Alaska, I’m going to be taking the coast all the way to Canada. I hear nothing but great things about the roads in Oregon.

  • conman

    good for u im planning on doing the trek myself when im older

  • Edward

    Actually I think that instead of copying someone else’s adventure, you should make your own, to a place you wanna go, and not just a place that you read about in a book that somebody else has already done… But except for that, Just do it, don’t ask us for permission!!

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