Transitioning Your Adventurer Back into Modern Society

The habits of your road weary wanderer may die hard. Life on the road is very different from their former life, the one you’ve been carrying on with all along. Here are a few common types of behavior you may notice from your beloved adventurer once they’ve arrived home.

Packing in the morning: Don’t panic. They aren’t leaving you. They are just in the habit of leaving. If you ask where they are going, they won’t know. They are simply accustomed to going somewhere. Send them off to get a cup of coffee or run an errand. This will help acclimate them to their natural surroundings of a developed nation.

Washing clothes in the sink: They have been relying on a few pairs of socks and underwear for a long time. They probably don’t realize that there are a dozen pairs in a dresser. To ease them into this realization, place their panniers close to the closet or dresser to help associate them with their new non-mobile life.
Shock at the accessibility of simple items: “Honey! This place has tooth paste, blenders and skis all under one roof!” Coming across simple pleasures in life like new headphones, socks or soap is harder than it sounds in the deserts of Patagonia. How easy it is to access previously sought after items may cause shock in your adventurer’s psyche. Placate them for the time being and just smile and nod.

Frugality and incommensurable price comparisons: The gap between prices for coffee, food and habitation in developing nations verses your home town can be huge. You may see them refuse to pay $4 for a cup of coffee because it costs more than a night in a Guatemalan hotel. This will undoubtedly confuse poor barista. Lure your loved one away and simply explain out of earshot, “He’s special”.

Inordinate preparation: If you are taking a drive a couple hours out of town you might find your partner gearing up as if the apocalypse is imminent. You may find them packing gallons of water, extra oil, a camping stove and freeze dried food into the backseat. Explain that there are cell towers around, and in the event of a breakdown you can call for help. If they are stubborn, compromise and let them bring their personal locator beacon or satellite phone.

Remember that these are common behavior patterns and that a small amount of domestication may need to take place. With a little patience you can ease your adventurer back into society.

  • Ben

    It’s funny because it’s true. Great article!

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