Tools to Travel the World

A multi-tool is a must have on the road, but if you aren’t on the road it’s just a hunk of metal on a shelf. What about tools that inspire you to get out onto the road? Maps are powerful tools for setting goals and motivating yourself to accomplish them.

So you want to explore the world? There’s the Great Pyramid of Giza, the highest motorable pass at 18,634, Yosemite national park, or the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. Where do you start?

Start by putting markers on a map.

Whenever I think, “I wanna go there someday” I put a marker on the map. I come back to the map and see all the places I said I want to go and it fuels my desire to make it actually happen.

View Travel Destinations in a larger map

I use “Custom Maps” for Google Maps. Checkout this video to start making your own.

After you’ve started to explore the places you can start knocking locations off the list. Change the color of the balloon from red to green, or whatever color you want. I like to log the path I’ve traveled as well.

If you have a GPS or phone that log’s your coordinates, you can import your data into Google Earth really easily. This tutorial gives you all the information you need. Then you can import that data into a custom map so you can share it with friends or have it easily accessible online. Checkout Dave Taylor’s article to import your KML file from Google Earth into your Custom Map.

Here are the places I’ve been:

Don’t know where you want to go?

Get some ideas and get inspired by checking out “The Atlas” always available here on

  • Dandiego

    Nice motivator. A real kick in the pants to get out there and see it.  (Whatever “IT” may be.)

  • AtlasRider

    Exactly, whatever “IT” may be :)

  • Buck Perley

    In terms of tracking your trips, you can also use the free Google Latitude, which you can set up as an app on your phone (and probably even iPod Touch if you have one). When I’ve gone on long multi-week trips, I would take this with me and whenever I stop for gas or for the night, I would update my location. Then, when you end the trip, you can actually have Google play back the whole timeline of it very nicely. It may not be a perfect GPS tracking solution, but it’s a nice little work around!

  • Motorcycle Airbag Jacket

    Inspired by this article. Don’t know why I don’t drop markers on places I want to go already, or in fact places that I’ve found in the past.  I will be from now on :)

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