The Journey Begins

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08/23/2010 – Phoenix, USA

Being on the road never felt this terrible before. Every mile that turned over on my odometer was another mile away from my former life, the familiar, and of course Beth. I contemplated turning around, but kept the KLR pointed towards Chicago. I tried to remind my emotional mind that this is what I really wanted.

08/23/2010 – New Mexico, USA

P8244607I camped at an RV park. They had wifi. I was really roughing it… I was heading for Denver but knew I wouldn’t make it there that day. The days of 500-700 mile days were behind me. My pace is slower and more soulful if that makes any sense.

With a liter of fuel in my camping stove’s tank I had some auxiliary fuel that I could use to test the boundaries of the KLR’s range. She would cut out around 140 miles. I would swerve back and fourth, engine dead, clutch pulled in while drifting to get the trapped fuel on the right side of the fuel tank to slosh over to the left where it could flow into the petcock. It worked half of the time.

Although I was displaced 400 miles from Phoenix, yesterday I felt like I was standing still. Today I had gained mental momentum and was feeling better about the path that lay before me.

P8244631I saw a sign welcoming campers, so I pulled off to find that it was a kind of mineral spa and resort. Everyone was wandering around in pink and blue robes and slippers. I cut through the pool and courtyard area with my Aerostich suit and shit kicking motorcycle boots with helmet in hand. The man at the front desk informed me that camping spots cost $22 USD. I tried to haggle down to $15 USD insisting that I didn’t require any amenities and just a place to sleep for the night. He didn’t budge so I rode 20 miles down the road ad pulled off onto a forest trail and camped in obscurity while I watched the sun set as the moon rise.

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  • matthewdavidLPCC

    Glad to see that you are honoring your need to be more inward, writing and photos rather than videos for now. After all, if this journey isn’t about self discovery and inner balance, it’s probably about nothing much of much sustainable interest at all. Be well, ride safe, be true to yourself.

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