The Hassles of Motorcycle Protective Gear

  • zypp33

    I like it, a fun Atlas vid .

  • D

    yeah i can relate to this. Also i have no storage on my bike and no where to put my gear while i’m at university, so i’ve been lugging it around the past 3 years

  • Bucky

    I don’t have a bag big enough to carry my suit and gloves, and I don’t want to leave them on the bike.

    I also have trouble fitting street clothes under my suit, so undressing in public won’t work.

    Consequently, I wear the suit when I go in somewhere, and carry the gloves and helmet. Locking the helmet on the bike is a bit of a hassle on the 650R, so I usually take it.

    Words like “Power Ranger” are frequently used around me for some unknown reason. I can’t understand it.

    …but I am never without ATGATT!

  • jrollo

    Great video There is no way I go anywhere on my bike without my gear. It may be a bit of a hassle but I don’t find bandages that much fun either.

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