The Gruge Brush: Awesome Chain Cleaning Tool

Ninja 650r Oil Change

I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but I finally got out in the 105 degree heat and 50% humidity to get through an oil change and proper chain cleaning and adjustment. I’m getting pretty good at this. Gone are the days where I constantly wonder whether I am doing the right steps, or missing anything. It’s pretty mindless to me now and I just go through the motions. The first time I adjusted my chain I obsessed over the whole process? Is the axle nut too loose? Too tight? Is my torque wrench set correctly? I feel like a pro, but for fairly simple maintenance though. Once I get the right tools I want to change my own tires! I’m rambling now…

I found THE BEST tool for cleaning your motorcycle chain. It’s called “The Grunge Brush.” I was walking through REI and I spotted it in the cycling section. It is marketed and intended to be used for bicycle chains, which are smaller than motorcycle chains, however it works just as well. Was using a standard brush that was too big and awkward to get every area. That combined with a greasy rag got my chain moderately clean. The Grunge Brush gets everything though. Especially the grit in between the plates where the O-rings are located. The brushes surround the whole chain so you can clean all sides with only a couple passes of the brush. You can pick it up at Amazon (see link below).

The Grunge Brush cleaning a motorcycle chain
The Grunge Brush in action. Click for a larger view.
  • Nutrix

    Cool! you kinda want a ‘flip over’ or ‘slide down’ brush on the end, so it cleans the other side as well …. the bit you can’t see 😉

    Do you use a solvent/degreaser, out of interest, I cant make my mind up if its good for the ‘O’ rings or not. I use WD-40 on an old toothbrush – but there is some debate over whether it penetrates the seals and washes out the factory Lube.

  • Atlas

    Actually when you force the brush forward the top and bottom bristles clean the back of the chain so I don’t have to turn it.

    I use Motul Chain Clean as a degreaser. I just sprayed it onto the brush heads and then went nuts on the chain with the brush.

    I’ve also hear about the debate over WD-40. I choose to error on the side of caution and use something specifically for chains just in case. I go through a can once a year so the cost isn’t really an issue.

  • Bucky

    Kawasaki specifically recommends kerosene to clean the chain. Cheap and available at many gas stations.

  • Atlas

    I find the cleaner in the can to be easier to use. I rarely look for it, but I hardly notice kerosene at gas stations.

  • CTBandit

    I have to agree with you on this brush. I just bought a bike in late April and finally got around to cleaning the chain last month, coincidentally, with the grunge brush. I was stunned by how well, and easily it helped clean the chain. Come to find out my chain is actually orange, not black! haha..

  • Atlas

    It really makes the job go by a lot faster. You forgot the color of your chain? Oh my…at least when it’s black again you’ll know you need to clean it!

  • Nick Stageberg

    I have a little how-to video on cleaning and lubing your motorcycle chain here that demonstrates using a 3-sided brush:

    Hope someone finds it helpful!

  • AtlasRider

    Thanks Nick! This is great video to show people how to properly clean their chain

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