Thanksgiving In California

This is long over due, but here’s a video series from my trip to California over a long Thanksgiving weekend. You can read more about this trip here, over there, around here, oh and back there.

Thanksgiving In California
I’m starting a new series of videos. I traveled about 2,000 miles in 4.5 days. I am heading up the coast of California towards San Francisco. Check out my blog ( for details about my ride. For the most part this video has me talking about last night’s ride and where I plan on going that day.

Stealth Camping
My first experience “stealth camping” off the Pacific Coastal Highway, just north of LA. Check out more details on my blog entry about it here

Pacific Coastal Highway – Big Sur
Riding along on the Pacific Coastal Highway (Highway 1) on some beautiful roads.

Golden Gate Bridge
Short video of me riding over the Golden Gate in San Francisco. Talking about a club that formed for those who have tried committing suicide off the bridge.

Talking Myself Out of a Ticket
I get pulled over by a Nevada state cop and manage to talk myself out of a ticket. I was immediately pegged as a squid by the cop, but I go into some depth about my style of riding to try and convince him otherwise.

Hoover Dam
I’m tired and a little cranky after 2,000 miles over the past 4 days, but I do get to ride over the Hoover Dam. A nice surprise on my way back to Phoenix.

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