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I Own Ninja650r.com, Now What?

Last night I wanted to buy some new bars for my Ninja since they got bent up in the high side I was involved in last week. I instinctively typed “ninja650r.com” to go to my old favorite forum to try … Continue reading

New Banner Images

I like picking out banner images that try and capture the essence of what this site is about, but I’m often torn between one image and another. Why choose? So I cycle through them randomly. I got the idea from … Continue reading

Valley of the Gods and My One Year Blogoversary!

Exploring some amazing scenery along a dirt road through the Valley of the Gods in Utah. I found out about this road reading Ara & Spirit’s blog at TheOasisOfMySoul.com. Thanks Ara! And it’s AtlasRider.com’s one year blogoversary, woo hoo! Seems … Continue reading

New Atlas Rider Logo

How do you like the new logo? I was getting sick of my old banner and wanted to spruce things up in my banner. The background image was taken in at 14,000 feet in Colorado on Mt. Evans. An amazing … Continue reading

Interview with the Honda Motorcycle Blog

Cristian over at Honda Motorcycle Blog asked to interview me. There were a variety of questions about my trips, bike and experiences. Lots of good questions, check it out here: Interview with Atlas Rider I was made aware of his … Continue reading