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The Overland Expo: A Place Where You’re Not Weird

“We’re not weird here,” says Sandy Borden of the the Adventure Trio at the Overland Expo. The expo is four years old now and it’s my home away from the road. The event embraces the wanderlust weirdos full of curiosity, … Continue reading

You’re Lost. Now What?

It happens. We get lost. We lose our cool. Here are some tips for navigating confusing foreign lands. Continue reading

Tools to Travel the World

A multi-tool is a must have on the road, but if you aren’t on the road it’s just a hunk of metal on a shelf. What about tools that inspire you to get out onto the road? Maps are powerful … Continue reading

Peters Map vs Mercator Projection

I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but I’ve finally gotten around to framing my Peters Map. Placed above where I spend most of my time at home, so I think it will serve as some inspiration for … Continue reading

Day One of Overland Expo

I attended the Overland Expo in Prescott, Arizona (http://ovexpo.com/). You may remember when I talked about it before. Experts on overland travel by car or motorcycles were gathered and courses were formed on various subjects including photography, survival techniques, food … Continue reading