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Thanksgiving In California

This is long over due, but here’s a video series from my trip to California over a long Thanksgiving weekend. You can read more about this trip here, over there, around here, oh and back there. Thanksgiving In California I’m … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Ride Report – Death Valley, Vegas and the Hoover Dam

11/27/2007 Morning Tripometer: 1411 Evening Tripometer: 1826 Death Valley was surprisingly cool. Hot enough to sweat under my leathers when off the bike, but cool enough to require my windproof liner when moving. The space was immense and occasionally a … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Ride Report – Google, San Diego and Single Digit Windchills

11/23/07 Morning Odometer: 827 Evening Odometer: 1411 I woke up late again. I’m not a morning person. Recently bought a new alarm clock, a “Screaming Meanie”. It sounds at 120db and you have to awkwardly press three buttons to disarm … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Ride Report – Pacific Coastal Highway

11/22/07 Morning Tripometer: 475 Evening Tripometer: 827 The last place I had left off is the random cliff along the Pacific Coastal Highway north of LA to setup camp. My first “stealth camping” experience. The sight and smell of the … Continue reading