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Fear of Failure: Welcome to the Club

Failure is a fear for many of us, including Eric Norlander who is rebuilding a motorcycle in memory of his father who recently passed away. Continue reading

High Speed Chase and Making the Front Page

Subscribe to The Atlascast Welcome to The Atlascast. A story telling podcast about my journeys around the world by motorcycle. This episode is from October 2010 when I traveled solo from America to Argentina for eight months. I encounter corrupt … Continue reading

How Twitter Helped During a Roadside Motorcycle Breakdown

Some scary stuff happened on I-81 last year. I talked about it in my article titled, No Shoulder to Cry, on Interstate 81, in a lot of detail. Here I tell a shorter version that displays the helpful nature of … Continue reading

“It’s fair to say that I can’t exit Mexico without entering it, right?”

I have mixed feelings about visiting Belize. I don’t know where to go, it adds 200 miles onto my 600 mile detour to Tikal, and it is an English speaking nation which may threaten the progress I made in my … Continue reading

“You Will Soon Find New Adventure In Life”

This happened about a month ago, before I sprang the news about my trip to my colleges at work. We were out at lunch and spent the the one hour of our day away from the computer…talking about computers. We … Continue reading