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The Hassles of Motorcycle Protective Gear

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‘Spot the Threat’ Series Introduction

I am introducing a new video series called “Spot the Threat” which is intended to make motorcyclists (experienced and not) aware of potentially dangerous traffic circumstances and how to react or avoid them. Maneuvering tactics, avoidance, and visibility will be … Continue reading

Left Turners and the “Decision Line”

You assess multiple risks while riding. Will that pedestrians cross the street? Will that car merge into my lane? What emergency route do I take if the car in front of me slams on his brakes? All perfectly valid concerns, … Continue reading

Spot Satellite Messenger

I got a chance to use my Spot Satellite Messenger on my trip to Mexico in May. Overall I was very pleased with the way it performed and want to discuss the details of this product and how it worked … Continue reading