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Why Every Motorcyclist Should Carry a Multi-Tool

Space is always an issue for us when packing tools. After all these years I was surprised that I never bothered to carry some kind of multi-tool with me. Atlas Girl was bright enough to realize this and bought me … Continue reading

KLR Rattling Apart

I got a surprise this morning on the way to work as my left foot peg gave way (see left image). A bolt had fallen out and the peg swung down towards the ground with a couple inches of clearance. … Continue reading

How to Plug a Motorcycle Tire

A demonstration explaining how to plug a motorcycle tire that has a puncture. I’m using the Stop & Go Tire Plugger.

Replacing Sprockets and Chain on Ninja 650r

I spent this weekend replacing the engine and rear sprockets along with the chain. I’ve never done anything this complicated before and in the end I realized how uncomplicated it really was. So for those of you weary of doing … Continue reading

Getting My Bike Back

I was just about to write a sad sappy post about how I have to spend another weekend cooped up in my apartment while my bike is in the shop. My lil Ninja developed an oil leak due to a … Continue reading