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Crashing in Colombia

On my way to San Agustín, Colombia I hit some dirt roads. They are not too challenging but I screw up on a section of track that was more slippery than I imagined. I turned the bars slightly and after … Continue reading

Fear of Failure: Welcome to the Club

Failure is a fear for many of us, including Eric Norlander who is rebuilding a motorcycle in memory of his father who recently passed away. Continue reading

‘Spot the Threat’ Series Introduction

I am introducing a new video series called “Spot the Threat” which is intended to make motorcyclists (experienced and not) aware of potentially dangerous traffic circumstances and how to react or avoid them. Maneuvering tactics, avoidance, and visibility will be … Continue reading

Motorcycle Touring Expenses For Those BIG Trips

I find that people who travel around the states, continent or world are consistently asked, “How much did that cost you?” As with most topics that involved money, it’s a sensitive one that not many like to get into. Regarding … Continue reading

Motorcycle Skills Test For US Motorcycle License Endorsement

This is an actual motorcycle endorsement rider skill test. There are five exercises that are demonstrated in this video with an official representative from the Department of Motor Vehicles of Arizona. This test was identical to the one I took … Continue reading