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‘Spot the Threat’ Series Introduction

I am introducing a new video series called “Spot the Threat” which is intended to make motorcyclists (experienced and not) aware of potentially dangerous traffic circumstances and how to react or avoid them. Maneuvering tactics, avoidance, and visibility will be … Continue reading

The Distracted Driver

The AMA has distributed a video public service announcement to news outlets across the country. Titled “The Distracted Driver,” the 30-second video uses a touch of humor to address the serious issue of inattentive drivers. I’ve never seen this video … Continue reading

Safety Saturday: It’s Easy to Miss Something You’re Not Looking For

Did you see it?

Safety Saturday: How Close Does a Biker Have to be Before You See Them?

It’s Saturday, a chance for everyone to hope on their bikes and get some quality time on the road. So I’ll be starting routine of posting motorcycle safety videos every Saturday that will make you think twice before throwing your … Continue reading