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The Route: Alaska to Argentina and Back

I’ve got maps stuck to the walls and country’s names floating around in my head. I’ve got to make sense of all this by making some preliminary route. This isn’t set in stone, but it’s a place to start. View … Continue reading

2009 Chicago Marathon Route

View Larger Map I apologize for the non-motorcycle content (I like to keep the blog focused), but once again I find that the organizers of a race with 30,000 participants can’t spend a half hour to put up the route … Continue reading

Upcoming Trip to Utah

View Larger Map Thanksgiving is coming up next week. So that means I get a long weekend to take another trip somewhere. Around this time last year you saw me travel through LA, the Pacific Coastal Highway, Google, San Francisco, … Continue reading

PF Chang’s 2009/2010 Half Marathon Route

Update: The 2010 Route is identical to the 2009 route. I just registered for my first half marathon. On January 18th I’ll be running in the PF Chang’s Half Marathon. Whether it is cross country motorcycle trips, or what route … Continue reading

Mad Maps

If by sponsor you mean a company that gives you free stuff, then yes I have a sponsor A couple months ago I was contacted by Mad Maps where I was thanked for the kind words I gave about their … Continue reading