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Crashing in Colombia

On my way to San Agustín, Colombia I hit some dirt roads. They are not too challenging but I screw up on a section of track that was more slippery than I imagined. I turned the bars slightly and after … Continue reading

Giving Up My Car For My Motorcycle

It has been a year since I sold my car and decided to use my motorcycle as my only mode of transport. It wasn’t an easy decision for me at the time, but looking back I am really happy I … Continue reading

KLR Rattling Apart

I got a surprise this morning on the way to work as my left foot peg gave way (see left image). A bolt had fallen out and the peg swung down towards the ground with a couple inches of clearance. … Continue reading

Difficulty Picking Up a Dropped Bike

First time I drop my KLR in a spot where I have a hard time getting it upright again. I didn’t intend on this being informative, just entertaining to watch me struggle, but it seems like feedback from people have … Continue reading

Photo Op at the Bixby Bridge

I stop at the Bixby Bridge, just south of Monterey, California. I just really like this bridge for some reason. So much so I have a print of it in my living room. Click here for original video source