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‘Spot the Threat’ Series Introduction

I am introducing a new video series called “Spot the Threat” which is intended to make motorcyclists (experienced and not) aware of potentially dangerous traffic circumstances and how to react or avoid them. Maneuvering tactics, avoidance, and visibility will be … Continue reading

How to Plug a Motorcycle Tire

A demonstration explaining how to plug a motorcycle tire that has a puncture. I’m using the Stop & Go Tire Plugger.

Replacing Sprockets and Chain on Ninja 650r

I spent this weekend replacing the engine and rear sprockets along with the chain. I’ve never done anything this complicated before and in the end I realized how uncomplicated it really was. So for those of you weary of doing … Continue reading

Tire Repair Kit

I’ve finally faced the fact that some day, I’m going to get a flat in the worst place imaginable. Up until now I assumed that I would have cell phone reception or I could flag someone down for help. It … Continue reading

My Camera Setup

I always get a lot of questions about how I take videos, so I’m taking the time to spell out the system I use. There are four different components that come together that allow me to document my travels through … Continue reading