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PF Chang’s 2009/2010 Half Marathon Route

Update: The 2010 Route is identical to the 2009 route. I just registered for my first half marathon. On January 18th I’ll be running in the PF Chang’s Half Marathon. Whether it is cross country motorcycle trips, or what route … Continue reading

A Year in Review: Where Have I Been?

I recently talked about My Goals for Future Worldwide Travel and it coincidentally falls on my one year anniversary of my cross country trip from Chicago to Phoenix that I took back in 2007. Upon realizing this I had a … Continue reading

Odometer Counter

I was logging into my Gmail account tonight and I noticed the storage counter on the login page. I always get a kick out of this and think it is neat how they have the amount constantly increasing. Then I … Continue reading

Eliminating the Penny

New Video Mapping Features! A path is draw to represent the duration of the video. Replaced the default icon with a nifty motorcycle. Added ability to drag and drop the motorcycle marker to skip ahead in the video. P.S. I’m … Continue reading

Video Mapping Debut

Now you can watch me ride and see where I am on Google Maps as the video is playing. You can jump forward in the video and the map will jump forward as well. This is my first test of … Continue reading