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Ikea Helmet Hook Hack for Two Bucks

The streets are littered with abandoned Ikea furniture and it is raining. BILLY bookcases are melting away. I pass by dying LIATORPs and TRAFAST frames. It’s a particle board blood bath out here, but I am on my way to … Continue reading

My Long Way Round

In 2007 I took a two week trip across the country. I covered 5,000 miles over ten states and four Canadian providences. The journey was amazing and has fueled my desire for traveling on two wheels even more. These 52 … Continue reading

Meteor Crater Detour Video Series

I have accounts on YouTube and LiveVideo.com where I publish videos of my rides. This is a series of short videos I shot while trying to take a trip to Meteor Crater here in Arizona. The route I had planned … Continue reading