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The Portland Trip – Part 1

The Route. 10 days, 3,000 miles and 2 wheels on my KLR I bought only 1 week ago. Amazing sights, exciting events and great people along the way. Here’s my story… My first off road experience with the KLR. She … Continue reading

A Year in Review: Where Have I Been?

I recently talked about My Goals for Future Worldwide Travel and it coincidentally falls on my one year anniversary of my cross country trip from Chicago to Phoenix that I took back in 2007. Upon realizing this I had a … Continue reading

Indoor Inspiration

I’m finally getting to decorate my apartment after six months. The bare white walls were feeling like an institution. So, what better to spruce up the place than a picture of my favorite road along the coast of California. I’ve … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Ride Report – Pacific Coastal Highway

11/22/07 Morning Tripometer: 475 Evening Tripometer: 827 The last place I had left off is the random cliff along the Pacific Coastal Highway north of LA to setup camp. My first “stealth camping” experience. The sight and smell of the … Continue reading