I’ve been choked up all day since I heard the news. There was an ocean between us. I didn’t really know the guy all that well, but I felt my gut wrench when I heard.

Sven passed away.

His name was Steve Love. His online name is “Svengalie” and I always called him “Sven” for short. He was a motorcycle “vlogger” (video logger) like me. His YouTube channel was incredibly successful. He ranks second to the top moto-vlogger (Mordeth13). He lived in England and was father to a girl and a boy.

I reminisce over my encounters with him over the past four years and idea that I “didn’t really know the guy”, starts to falter.

He setup an LCD sign in his kitchen with a webcam pointed at it. You could type whatever message you’d like and it would pop up in his home. He messaged me one day while I was at work and asked, “You wanna run around my house?” “What the hell are you talking about Sven?” I said. He gave me access to a robot I could control remotely and for a half hour I got a feel for what it was like in the Svengalie household from 6,000 miles away.

Then there was the time where he asked if there was room for a co-pilot on my trip through Latin America. I said, “Sure! …but if we don’t get along, prepare to go solo.” I never saw Steve as a guy I wouldn’t get along with, but after a couple months on the road with someone, anything can happen. “Ditto”, he said.

Things didn’t work out, and he couldn’t come along. I was in Mexico when news of divorce came through Facebook. I begged him to get his ass over to the Americas, and put 20,000 miles under his belt. That’s what I would do, but who am I to know what’s right for him? He’s on my YouTube subscriber list every week, not my couch.

A hacker was hitting motorcycle vlogging websites and Steve was nice enough to warn me and others that someone is gunning for us. He posted his house for sale and I scrolled through the pictures. A flood of memories came through. I had seen hundreds of his videos over the past four years. Many took place in different rooms and the house listing was so familiar to me. I could probably navigate through it in the dark as if I had been there in person.

“That’s where he scared the hell out of a friend by wiring a firework to the ignition of his GS.”

“That’s where he did all his product reviews.”

“That’s where his children played.”

I’m going to be in England in April, and I was looking forward to meeting Steve in person. He said if I was ever “over the pond” he’ll buy me pint, and I believed he would.

What I can say about Steve is limited. He shared a piece of his life with us online and keeps other things private, like we all do. But I realize now that I knew him much more than I thought and like a lot of people, I’m going to miss him.

Rest in peace Steve.

  • BudCAD Motorcycling

    Man, I’m sorry to hear that. Deepest condolences.


    Wow! What a shocker.

  • Unkept

    Wow. I loved watching this guys Geocaching videos, they were amazing… this is sad news :(

  • George F

    Wow, didn’t know the guy, just watched a few of his movies, very sad.

  • svensdad

    Just found this tribute to my son, thanks for taking the time to put down your thoughts. Steve was very special to us and we miss him so much. His mum has made a tribute site to him, if you haven’t seen it you can view it here.

  • Nickcla

    Just became acquainted with Sven’s videos myself after searching for London riots on YouTube. I enjoyed his commentary on the bike thief who was jailed and thought he had a great voice and way of speaking so watched the rest of his videos. Very sad to hear he had passed. An instantly likeable person.

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