Surprise Splitting Smack

Last night there was a pretty severe storm. Trees and power lines were knocked down so it made the morning commute horrible. Most of the traffic lights were out near my house so cars were backed up on every major road. Me and my Ninja scoffed at these obstacles though. We were lane splitting through traffic all the way to the expressway entrance only to find out that the ramp was flooded and it was closed. Ok no big deal, I’ll take LaGrange to work this time. Split here, swerve there, give a taunting thumbs up to motorists that yell at me as I roll by them leaving them in gridlock. It was a fun ride, until….I went to turn in front of a car (all stopped btw) to move from the right side of the cars to the left. I was fine but my stupid Ninja decides to smack the rear tail light of the SUV I was trying to maneuver around with his mirror. Why lil Ninja why? All he had to do was tuck in. It didn’t affect me at all since the my mirrors can bend back if they hit anything. Her tail light was shattered and we pulled over and did the insurance swap.


  • kristin

    you’ve been in more accidents the past month than i have been in for like 3 years. poor bill. glad you’re okay…did you tell her that thats what she gets for driving an suv in the city?

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