Still Alive and Too Busy to Blog

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to write and let everyone know I am still out there rolling. I am in South America now. The Andes are amazing. I will be back in the states March 31st, that much I know. So I have about two months left, and I really have to make my way across this huge continent.

I’ve spent to much time at a stand still, and with road tires on the KLR (I named her Jenny BTW) I am tearing up the road and having a blast.

Updates will be even more infrequent. I don’t have time to write, I don’t have time to polish and publish photos, but I do try and upload videos whenever I can. The videos I am uploading are backlogged from Central America.

I have TONS of content saved, and just waiting to be published for all to see, but as I said, I’m too busy with the journey to publish about it.

Hope you all understand, and stick with me. In two months I’ll be gushing out all the goodies from my trip. It has been amazing.

This who adventure has no sponsorship, so if you enjoy following and would like to give back for any amount of entertainment, enjoyment or inspiration I might have given you, there’s a Donate button on the right side.

Thanks to everyone who has already pitched in.

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