Stealth Camping

I had my first experience “stealth camping” last month during my trip through California. Stealth camping is camping on land not designated as a campsite, especially on land not used for habitation, agriculture etc. I found a desolate road off the coast and took a dirt road that led to cliff with a view of the pacific. Not a bad sight to wake up to 😀

Stealth camping is not only a good way to save some money on a long trip. I hate shelling over $60 for a room where all I need is 6 hours sleep. It feels like more of an adventure when you find a random spot to catch some sleep. I can come and leave as I please and feel more at one with my surroundings. I do miss a shower in the morning after a 10 hour day on the saddle, so I don’t know many consecutive days I could really do it for, but it is nice to have the option when needed. This idea sounded crazy to me when I first heard about it, but I would urge you to try it at least once if you are hesitant about it and are seeking of ways to take longer rides on a smaller budget. Here is where I camped. I was on one of those three circular patches off of Deer Creek Rd. Just another excuse to use Google Maps. I don’t know why I post this info. 😕


And here’s a little video of my first night stealth camping, enjoy!
  • SuperMouth

    I liked the video. The only comment I have is…”stop slapping your legs when you talk.” Other than that it was a little Survivor Manish.

  • Sven

    How do you go about securing your bike/luggage?

  • Atlas

    @sven I store my gear in my tent. Mainly so it’s not exposed to the weather. I don’t secure the bike in any way. Changes are very low that something would happen to it in the rural areas. More likely to get robbed at a gas station than while camping out in the wild.

  • lipsee7

    Great vid,I,v been thinking along much the same lines myself,but here (uk) its alot harded,ear plugs might be a good idea to cut down all those strange noises you hear in the dead of night!!

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  • Teemu

    A good way to stay within budget, and like you said it adds uo to the adventure.

  • Go Camping

    As you have mentioned, it is the best way to save money and experience adventure. But oh boy, it is unsuitable for families :(

  • RV Camping

    well dear what u had said is almost i don’t like my 60 bucks wasting for only 6 hour sleep..but despite all this..i prefer RV Camping instead of your Stealth RV Camping is safe and secure.

  • ambreen tariq

    In my opinion, stealth camping is quite difficult than the ordinary camping, as i used to visit arizona campgrounds and know what situations i can face and even know the facilities of the campgrounds. but when one camp at the raw places, than he or she has to prepared more unknown difficulties and problems.

  • Chris Sorbi

    We just did that off of a rest stop with no facilities. Went back from the road past some bushes and pitched the tent–the surrounding area apparently used to be used for people to drink as the land was littered with beer bottles and men’s underwear, strangely enough. Heard a semi-truck carrying cattle fixing a flat tire around 2 a.m. The noises were freaking my girlfriend out. But we survived the night.

  • Youth Sleeping Bags

    If you are going to stealth camp, then you probably want to make sure you don’t have any illicit substances on you. Just because you are likely to be hassled by “the man” if they happen upon you. But, I guess if you pick a good enough spot there is little chance of that.

  • Chanda Fessler

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  • Besttentsforcamping

    Great video. I would love to go cross country on my bike. I’m a cruiser guy, not Ninja. Taking my wife & kid to Honda Training school shortly to teach them to ride. She has her eye on a Harley Sportster 48. Saw one at a show recently.

    Drive safely.

  • TTC

    You seemed a bit shock and lost before setting up your tent. I guess I will be too. Actually, I think I will be scared to death instead if I have to camp in the wilderness!

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