Sigur Ros In Tijuana

I just bought tickets to see Sigur Ros in concert in Tijuana. They are playing playing at the Multikulti, a crumbling concrete shell of a 1950s movie palace that lost its roof to a fire. It sounds like the perfect setting. :) It’s a 350 mile ride, so it’s an easy two and a half tank journey there. I think I will park my bike in the US and then take trolley the into Mexico. I don’t trust my bike in a major Mexico city, especially one so close to the border. I took a ride to LA last year to see the screening of Sigur Ros’ film, Heima which was excellent. So I am really excited to see them live. Their concert I went to at the Lyric Opera House in Chicago was amazing and easily the best concert I have ever seen. They are releasing a new album this summer, so they are bound to be playing new material. Riding and Sigur Ros, my two favorite things 😀

Will I ride home all that way after the concert? Perhaps I can find someone’s couch to surf on? Will my Spanish speaking skills be more polished after my week long Mexico trip that is coming up in two weeks? Everything is up in the air now. I’ll worry about those things later.

  • cfarmer8

    I’ve been to Tijuana a dozen times, I always park at the last exit on I-5 I think it’s $7 to park then $2 for the shuttle bus. be sure to take the bus back to the US because you get to bypass any lines at the border. I always found it safe in T.J but what I’ve heard lately… watch your back. ooo ya and the vendors are annoying. be sure to vlog it

  • Atlas

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Rob

    Great blog!

    I’m in San Diego and I’m trying to get tickets to the Sigur Ros show in TJ, but I can’t figure out how to find a place to purchase them. Would you tell me how you got yours?

  • Atlas

    Thanks Rob!

    You can go to to order tickets. Apparently they are having a three day festival, but you can buy tickets for the 3rd day only when Sigur Ros is playing. Tickets come out to about $40 and you pay through Pay Pal. Tickets are held at Will Call. Bring a copy of your receipt with an ID.

  • teatime

    hello, we are playing with Sigur Ros on June 8th in Tijuana, you can get tickets through our website at

    good luck and we’ll see you there.

  • Atlas


    I just checked out your music on your site. I like it! Sounds like it compliments Sigur Ros’ sound very well. I’m looking forward to seeing you play along side them at the show.

  • teatime

    thanks (…)

    pleased to meet you, hopefully you like the show!!

    take good care.


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