Selling Your Car and Living On Two Wheels

I finally did it. After about a year of saying, “Yea I’ll sell it eventually” I’ve gone and actually done it. I sold off my car, and all that’s left is my motorcycle. No more car payments for a car I don’t use, woo hoo!

I would drive my car about once a month. I would use it when I had to drive with someone or needed to buy an piece of lumber or something large from Home Depot. $350 a month to do this just didn’t seem to make sense… I’m going to sign up with and see how that works out. Basically you pay an hourly or daily rate for the car. They have stations where the cars are held and after you’re a member you use your card to open the car and drive away right then and there. Pretty cool!

Granted, I am going to be sweating my ass off in the summer here in Phoenix where temperatures reach 110 at some points. I’ve been through two Phoenix summers and each time I still rode my motorcycle instead of my car when I had the chance. So, hardly any difference anyways.

I would like to try and talk about living on two wheels only.Times are tough for a lot of people and some may be forced to rely on cheaper transportation like a motorcycle. So how do you carry things? What about grocery shopping? How about rain? In a series of upcoming articles I’m going to discuss the realities of living on two wheels. It has it’s challenges, but overall I think it’s worth the rewards it brings. So stay tuned for more!

Now in a few months I will technically be living off four wheels, but that’s because I’ll be buying another motorcycle! As many of you know, I’ve been ranting about my motorcycle trip to South America. As much as I would want to take the Ninja, I’m not sure if she would be able to handle the 30,000 miles and rough terrain. So I’m looking for a dual sport. Something used that I can tinker with over the next year to get ready for the BIG TRIP. My car was one of the big things that was standing in the way of my dream. Now that it’s gone I feel like this trip isn’t all talk, and that I’m actually making progress towards making it a reality.

Next step? Deciding between the GS650 and the KLR650… this may take a while…

  • Sven

    Yep, I’d do exactly the same except I have a family. I only use the car when I have to take the kids out.

    I’ve got it on a 1,000 miles a year insurance policy. Cos that’s all I’ll do (if that)

  • Atlas


    Just get a sidecar, lol :)

  • BC

    Love the site, especially the videos. I will be watching your site for the updates you mentioned in the article. I am sort of in the same boat, I am selling my car to buy a bike. My wife will still have her car so we won’t be going without a car, just me.

    I have been taking transit to work since Jan 1st just to get a feel for transit in winter (I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) and plan on buying a Kawasaki Versys as soon as I can raise all the funds. Moto season is Late March til late November in this area so 4 months of transit per year is doable.

    I’m looking forward to your posts about life on 2 wheels only. keep up the great work on your site and look forward to new videos.


  • HBurgNinja

    This past month I too sold my car. I have a TW200 for the rain and snow(worked great throughout this winter in VA) , Burgman 400 for the highway and a Ninja for the weekends in the mountains. Done putting Stabil in my car’s gas tank for those months it would sit unused!

  • John McClane

    I got rid of my car in 2007. I don’t miss it. £400 annual service, £200 car tax, £500 insurance, 22mpg in town. Always worrying about where to park it. I hire one if I need one. Let someone else worry about service, tax and insurance. And I have the scooter for getting about.

    Looking forward to hearing more about South America. This bloke has done it already.

  • rkrayton2000

    hey Atlas I like the bmw(little high for my taste even for my six foot height), might be hard to find one used at a reasonable price. Never rode the klr but my brother raves about it. Good luck getting to South America(be careful in Columbia had a bad experience there)

  • KurtNBC13HD

    I made it through the winter in Birmingham, AL with my 2002 KLR650. Average about 1200 miles per month, get from 60mpg to 52mpg depending upon the Interstate runs. About 240 miles before it sputters and I need to flip the valve. I’ve never run the 6 gallon tank dry yet. It cruises easily up and down the hills in excess of the speed limit. Prone to some buffeting because of the high center of gravity and the wing over the front wheel (some call it a fender). Replaced the knobbies on it with Pirelli MT Scorpions 95% road use. Lean angles are good enough that the tires have more grip than I have courage, I’ve scraped my boot on some slow speed negative camber curves. Heavy for off-roading, but good for dirt and gravel roads. There should be plenty of pieces and parts south of the border since they’ve been producing the same bike since the late 80s until 2008.

  • Darek

    That’s exciting man! I’m giving some serious thought to doing the same thing, but the winters here are a bit more health hazardous, and make commuting a bit more cumbersome. How was it selling a financed car? Or were you leasing? The biggest thing stopping me right now is selling without taking a big loss on the car.

  • Atlas




    Looks like you have a bike for every use. Very nice!


    Seems like hiring one when you need it is the way to go.


    I’ve been scanning CraigsList and there have been some used BMWs going for some decent prices. Just gotta find the right timing…


    The 6 gallon tank sounds just awesome. The KLR seems to be the swiss army knife of bikes from what I hear.


    Yea, winters make this option impossible for most I think. Sold to a dealer, took a little loss. But I figured that I would lose more if I kept something I wasn’t using.

  • blatherskyte

    I sold my car just over a year ago and have been riding full time on my Honda ST. It’s a pain every once in a while but not insurmountable.

    In Phoenix, my home town before moving to Nashville, you won’t have too much trouble with cold temps. Nashville regularly stays in the 30-40s through the winter. But, you’ll definitely sweat in the summer.

    Good luck!

  • kfallscody

    Hey if you are looking for a comfortable dual sport type of bike, you should check out the versys. I just got mine a few weeks ago and can’t say enough about it. You sit nice and upright, very comfortable. There is also nearly 6″ of suspension travel front and back so bumpy roads are not a problem. That combined with fully adjustable suspension front/rear should make for a very nice ride anywhere you go. :)

  • Chuck Reynolds

    Cool site/blog man, just found you via youtube and the South Mtn video because I ride there often – live in Ahwatukee on chandler & 44th basically.

    Been looking for a way to get my video cam on the bike or my helmet just to document the stuff I see from our point of view – cage drivers just don’t get it.

    I’m actually in the process of selling my car right now because I don’t really use it lol… the girlfriend drives her car when we need it and personally, other than an occasional trip to get food or supplies I really don’t need a car. Maybe a truck… but anyways :)

    Keep posting vids! And that long ride you’re doing is nuts… but super awesome – grats on that!

  • Daeldren

    Talking about sidecars they do sell Ural’s in the US now. If I had a house with a garage to keep the bike in I would definitely consider getting rid of the truck but alas I have to use the cage for now.

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