Safety Saturday: How Close Does a Biker Have to be Before You See Them?

It’s Saturday, a chance for everyone to hope on their bikes and get some quality time on the road. So I’ll be starting routine of posting motorcycle safety videos every Saturday that will make you think twice before throwing your leg over the bike or getting behind the wheel.

This is a commercial made by the UK Ministry of Transport to promote safe driving. This is my favorite safety video. It addresses the biggest threat to motorcyclists. Made me jump the first time I watched it!

  • Slablog

    Hey! Thanks for visiting my site and commenting. I saw this video a while back, but it still makes me jump. Scary!

  • Nutrix

    This is a remake of a campaign we had in the UK during the 70’s …. Unfortunately car drivers still pull out in front of bikes!

    Here’s a link to another one, but aimed at bikers, which was shown on UK TV early spring (just as we were getting ready for the first ride of the season)

  • AtlasRider

    I’ve seen that one. In fact, I have that video scheduled for a future post. It’s great that they address both riders and drivers.

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