Safe and sore at my new home

Well I finally made it to Phoenix after a two week trip across the country on my Ninja 650r. It was pretty ridiculous at times and amazing at others. Some days I had to take a very fast pace and would force myself to keep riding until I saw that wonderful low fuel light blip on. All in all I rode 4826 miles. That’s about 80 hours on the saddle over the past two weeks. My GPS logger was spazzing out on me so unfortunately I do not have real-time data on where exactly I went. Sorry folks, I know how much you love my real-time data. That’s why I gather it, for you. So while I still have the city names and road names fresh in my mind I will Google Map it up and log the course for anyone’s curiosity. Click the images to view the details:

(I exceeded the limit that Google put on the number of destinations so I split it up into two maps)

I plan I writing a huge blog or a series thereof to document my trip. In the mean time here is a photo log I created so far:

Cross Country Photo Log

  • BVH

    Well, that photo log was awesome.

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