Riding Season Coming to an End

Temperatures are getting under 50 so that means I’ll have to winterize and store my bike soon. Chicago weather sucks and these streets suck. I have to get my kicks by taking the “best” curve around at 120 to get some decent leaning. Besides that it’s just taking 90 degree turns fast while avoiding the glass/gravel/crap in the apex or crossing oil stains in my entrance and exit lines. There’s hardly any landscape or scenic routes within a days trip. San Diego sure sounds great right now. Someone asked me, “Is a year round riding season and twisties reason enough to move across the country?” What is? Besides friends I’ve got nothing going for me here. This year’s winter depression won’t be lacking in only sun.

Bye Bye Gravity Cavity

  • Kami

    California is where it’s at!

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