Riding Beemers, Replacing Helmet, and Cricket Tacos

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10-10-2010 – Mexico City, Mexico

Marc and I went for a ride outside Mexico City. Every weekend in this small town (Tres Marias?) you’d barely notice driving by, a flock of bikers and vendors gather. This was the Deal’s Gap of Mexico City with it’s very own KillBoy-like presence of roadside photographers snapping that wicked line you took through a double apex (img). I was riding Marc’s 2003 BMW F650GS. I’ve always loved the 650GSs but I’ve never been able to stretch one out beyond a tame demo ride. It felt great to be on a bike without luggage, and make some sparkies (img).


Since my accident (post) I needed to find a new helmet, so I was looking forward to check out a place with a lot of motorcycle accesory vendors. Most of them had Mediums, Larges and Extra Large. No Smalls or Extra-Small for my tiny head. After an hour we had a stroke of luck and I found a fit. It was Fulmer, a brand I never heard of before, but Marc said it was the higher end of the low-end helmet market. A little better than the $70 HJC in other words.


On the ride back Marc and I swapped bikes and I was on his 1993 BMW 1200 touring bike (I forget the model letters). It had a nice smooth power delivery. The speedometer was broken, but I recognized the speeds I was going on the autopisa (express way) from the force of the wind against my helmet.

We stopped in a small town and walked around. I ate a cricket taco and a cactus taco. The cricket taco wasn’t as bad as you might think, just a little too salt for my taste.


All around it was a great day. My achey muscles were starting to recover and the stiffness start to fade.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/violetvespa Cynthia Price

    I’m glad you liked the F650 – it’s my daily commuter.

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