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  • Anthony

    I’ve been teaching MSF classes for 16 years now and love to teach my students the things motorcyclists, bikers and squids say. We talk about chicken strips, the irony of ‘layin er down’ and much more. At the end of class I think everyone would LOVE to see your Sh*t Bikers Say video. Classic!

  • AtlasRider

    Glad you like it Anthony! 

  • Gonzo

    just wondering, how old were you when you did the central/south america trip?

  • AtlasRider

    I was 28 years old when I went to Central/South America.

  • dwayne

    hey bill, welcome back to az! any plans on getting another klr?
    Regards, Dwayne

  • Herman Fung ???
  • Dan

    I just saw your video on you tube where the Mexican Police took you 100 dollars for doing nothing. I have seen it before and I know that the video is quite old but I wanted to tell you that you did the right thing especially when there was three of them and only one of you. I could tell the olice were in Coahuila so I would send this video clip to the police authorities in that nearest city and see if you get a reply. I have lived in Mexico for 25 years and have been molested by the local police on a few occasions but if this ever happens again tell the cops that you are a policeman in the United States and even carry a few police patches to give them. They will usually not harrass you any longer, at least they don’t bother me. I am older and speak Spanish so I just tell them I am a retired cop in the US and they respect that. You MUST always give these dirty cops as much respect as you can but refrain from giving them cash. Tell them you want to go to the station and get a receipt for the infraction. If they continue to bust your balz just wait them out. I know you have traveled all over Latin America as I have and I deal with the authorities a lot. I investigate life insurance claims all over the world and have NEVER givien a dime in graph. Good Luck with your travels!

  • J

    HI, new reader here via YouTube. I’m looking at a 650R too (2013 or 2014), so it was great to see how much you like yours. My question: What kind of camera did you have that you were able to put in your helmet on the Chicago to Phoenix trip? Thanks for your vids, looking forward to more.

  • Scottym

    Hi Bill, just been enjoying your blog and videos. Did a similar trip all the way down to Tierra del Fuego 2009/10. Was fab, my only regret was that I did not have a POV Camera to film the many (and sometimes scary) incidents. Going to work my way through your musings and videos over time, my question is:

    What POV Camera did you use and what POV camera would you recommend for such a trip these days?
    Ride safe


    United Kingdom

  • AtlasRider

    I used the VIO POV. It allowed me to continuously record, but only save the footage that was interesting by pressing a button to save the previous 5 minutes.

  • Rodrigo Vera

    Hola qué tal, oye te envío mis más cordiales saludos, y me gustaría que si pasas por México D.F., no dudes contactarme y te puedo apoyar en lo que requieras. Un saludo!

  • Sam the Sham

    Hey Bill, what’s going on? I read your book and posted a review on Amazon. I liked your book and gave it 4 stars, but I’m curious about you. I am very familiar with a person who has an anxiety disorder, and medication or no, he would never do anything like you did, even though he loves to ride motorcycles. He sort of tends to stay in the area he lives in. How is it possible for somebody with an anxiety disorder to do what you did? And were you a cheapskate because you didn’t have much to spend, or you are just cheap? If it’s the latter, if it was me, the last thing I would be worried about was saving a buck. I would be more concerned with staying alive and also getting a good meal and a comfortable bed when possible, screw the price. Everything on this website seems like time stopped 2 years ago. Are you still doing bike trips? Are you still monitoring your comments? I’ll find out about the second question anyway.

  • AtlasRider

    Thanks for the review Sam! Glad you enjoyed it. I have gotten better over the years, and I think the trip definitely helped. I did have a budget that I was keeping to, but un general I do like to be cheap and thrifty.

    Staying alive was pretty easy. Things aren’t so different in Central and South America when it comes down to it.

    I have stopped blogging. After the book I took a long break and haven’t picked it back up again. I do take trips here and there and plan on a long trip through Asia in 2018.