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My name is Bill Dwyer and I am an avid motorcycle travel enthusiast. I have been riding around the world and blogging about it since 2007. My latest adventure took place throughout Latin America over eight months. Much of the exciting content of that trip will be published throughout the year.

To give you an idea the reach of the content I publish, let me describe the breath of my audience through different technologies:
– 900 subscribers get notifications via email or RSS readers
– 1000+ Twitter followers are notified of new content
– 500 Facebook users who “Like” have stories appearing on their Wall
– 4,200+ YouTube subscribers view videos where I often direct them back to

Funneling from various sources has allowed to maintain a steady increase in readership over the years. Head counts aren’t everything though. As evidenced by numerous emails and comments I get on a weekly basis, my audience loves motorcycles and traveling. If this is the kind of audience who’s attention you would like to grab, then might be a good place for you to reach fellow motorcycle enthusiasts with a zest for travel.

Two advertising styles: Sidebar and Embedded Content

Rates for your ad (text and/or image) to be placed in the “Supporters” section in the sidebar.
1 month for $25
3 months for $65
6 months for $125
12 months for $200

Embedded Content
I often write articles about my travels. This is where I have a high level of engagement with my readers. I can embed a link to your website along with a “plug” or “mention” that integrates into my articles. The base rate is $75 per post. This may be re-evaluated on a case by case basis.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the details of advertising please contact me at



  • Jason

    I’m interested in sponsoring your site. However, Is it just an ad or can I post in your blog as well? I’m a start up business and would like to do the entire year but I’m strapped a lil with it not being riding season yet. Can we work out some payment plan?