Bribes In Mexico

People are outraged that Walmart has engaged in bribe tactics. I kept reading to find out that this was happening in Mexico. Unfortunately this is the cost of doing business in some areas of the world. Here is footage of me bribing Mexican police. Unlike Walmart, I was threatened with jail time.

On an editorial note, has the expectations for Walmart’s behavior as a good corporate citizen been elevated since I left? Maybe customers sneer at checkout employees as they pickup a 6 pack of waffle irons, but why the outrage?


  • mexican

    you gave 100 usd to robber what some people earns in whole week

  • mexican

    I remember when I was robbed by a cop saying that my friend and I were selling drugs, just because my friend has tattoos

  • simbiosis

    You was so lucky, because those cops works for 2 sides. The oficial one that is Castaño´s municipality, the second are the “Mañosos” –drug smugglers, sellers, gunnslingers–ZETAS– (If you see, the ones that pretend to be skillful international speaker, is using a Nextel IDEN Radio, that´s they way how they are in contact with the bad side bosses).
    If they want more than just stupid 100 dlls, they would be made worst things to you, as we saddly see everyday around the country. Just a little try:

    Because my job, I used to be a lot on the road, needs to move daily from one point to another. (I do telecomms) mainly on North and Northeast of México and that happens to me so often…I really hate those bastards that pretends to be the owners of everything and are a dumbass in fact. Poors, any education, no dreams, no goals but improper manners because they have a badge. (DEscription No limited to a police remake, you can find all this kind of loosers dreamless at every corner store, pretendind windowcleaning, gas station dispatchers, hotel hostess, waiters, taxi drivers etc). In spanish the named “Halcones” (Too good term for that human crap) beacuse they are spying at one spot informing who goes and arrives to the town.

    Just something more that may be make you fell a little better. Those 3 guys, probably should be dead by now. All the mañosos that works like that don´t have a long life. There´s alot of face to face clashes with Mexican Soldiers or with rivals groups.

    It´s sad whatshappening in my country…
    Good look on your trips!