New Website

I’ve decided to create a site exclusively to motorcycle content. I didn’t like the mix between my personal blogs at and my riding ones so I’ve moved it here. There are a lot of good motorcycle blogs out there, but a lot seem to be lacking on the technical side. So, I’m planning on doing a lot of work on the way my content is delivered via this site. A few things on my list:

  • Geotagging pictures and videos.
  • Delivering videos logs that I do under my AtlasShrugger account at on this site to compliment Ride Reports.
  • Documenting ride reports in an more organize form (as opposed to disjointed blog posts)
  • Sharing what I’ve learned about sport touring through short “how to” guides and long running lists of info. (e.g. How to create a camera mount or a checkoff list I use to prepare for a trip)
  • Display GPS logging info

I am still working with themes and the overall look. It could all change very quickly if I find something else I like better, but I’m moving forward with this look for now. Feedback on the site layout and look ‘n feel is greatly appreciated.

Ok, it’s 60 out and I’ve been cooped up all day. Time to ride! 😀

  • jay

    looks good so far!

  • dranny prants

    that banner picture looks great.
    this place looks legit’.

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